We Sell Safes and Gun Safes in West Texas

We Sell Safes and Gun Safes in West Texas

A-1 Office Furniture in Midland, TX has a large selection of safes and gun safes

Protect your family, guns and valuable possessions with a quality gun safe from A-1 Office Furniture. We have a large selection from some of the biggest names in safes including Superior Safe Company.

When you want a quality safe that combines strength, fire protection, precision and elegance, come to A-1 Office Furniture. You will be able to see and operate the safes, and our friendly staff will be happy to show you the different functions and options.

Gun Safes secure your weapons and loved ones.

We offer safes and gun safes with different lock options including electronic, combination and key locks. Our safes are designed with security and quick access in mind. Choose a quality safe built with American-Made Steel. Our safes and gun safes have been fire tested at an ASME-certified facility. They exceed all industry standards and are UL listed.

Our gun safes come with high capacity gun racks with velour covered, fully adjustable shelving. Customizable door organizers allow you organize pistols, clips and other gun accessories. You rest easier knowing that your valuables are secure in your beautiful new safe.

Safe Moving and Delivery Services

Do you need a safe mover to relocate your heavy safe?

We offer safe moving services where our safe mover team will come to your location and move your safe for you. Whether you're moving a safe from one address to another, or moving your safe from the basement to an upstairs bedroom, our safe movers will do the heavy lifting for you! If you live in the Odessa-Midland, TX area, call us to discuss your safe moving needs. We can provide you with a quote, and ensure that your safe is moved "safely."

Safe delivery and installation in the Odessa-Midland area

Gun safes can be very heavy. For your convenience, we offer safe and gun safe delivery and installation. We can even pick-up and deliver a safe that you purchase from another store!