Conference Expand-Tables

14' x 4' Expandable Racetrack Table

Available in:

• Choice of 5 laminate finishes
• 3mil PVC Tough Edge on all exposed edges
• 1½" Thick Top
• Optional power module
• Start with 10' or 12' table and add 4' top inserts to create tables to fit your needs

Also Available In:
#PL192RT 16' x 4' Racetrack
#PL216RT 18' x 4' Racetrack
#PL240RT 20' x 4' Racetrack
#PL264RT 22' x 4' Racetrack
#PL288RT 24' x 4' Racetrack

Need to know the components that make up each table?
View our PL Conference Tables Component Ordering Guide

Introducing the Conference Expand-Tables

If you need to accommodate more people than our 12 foot length laminate conference tables allow, our extension leaf inserts are a great option.

Add 4 foot inserts to #PL137 or #PL138 conference tables to create longer table lengths up to 24 feet long.

An attractive and inexpensive solution to your large conference table needs.