Borders Double Reception

Desk as shown:
156" l x 78" d (overall)

Posts/Panel Trim Available in:

Panel Material Available in:

Trans Tops/Casegoods Available in:

• Can be retrofitted to existing Performance laminate workstations
• Ideal for creating partitions between colleagues or reception stations
• Economical, versatile and stylish

Components Shown:
#PL182R, PL182L, PL166(2), PL192(2), PBTC36R(2), PBTC36L(2), PBTR36(4), PB21236ACRY(8), PBP12(14), PL183(4), PL208OH(4), PL44SGD(4)

Introducing the Borders Double Reception

Effective time management often requires a delicate balance between privacy and interaction with colleagues.

Our Borders Desktop mounted panel system can be retrofitted to most Performance laminate workstations in a manner that allows you to define your workspace the way you want.

Whether you choose 24" high or 36" high panels for complete privacy, 12" high panels for moderate privacy or transaction tops for reception areas - Borders has a solution that will work.
Contact one of our sales representatives today for help in designing your Borders configuration.